Best Free IO Games to Play in 2022

  • IO games have seen a significant increase in popularity as a result of influential YouTubers and Twitch streamers riding the wave of short, chaotic, and accessible experiences; however, what exactly are IO games? The extension IO simply refers to the British Indian Ocean Territory domain, whereas the United States and Canada The first two IO games to go viral, and, established the trend of using suffix to indicate the genre rather than the domain.

    IO games have a broad definition, but they all adhere to a few basic guidelines. They're all free-to-play browser games with a multiplayer component. That's pretty much it. They're meant to be enjoyable, often bite-sized experiences that you can dive into with no reservations.

    Despite being one of the first IO games to be released, is still regarded as one of the best in the genre. The concept is straightforward and unremarkable, but it's executed so well that you'll be hooked for at least an afternoon or two. You control a tiny circle that moves around a grid with other circles. Your goal is to "eat" smaller circles in order to grow larger, while avoiding larger circles that will absorb you. Other players will control some of these other circles, complicating your strategy. It's simple enough that anyone can get started, but it's difficult to master. is a game that has a great Flash look and feel to it. You pilot a plane in an endless air battle with other players attempting to shoot each other down. There are numerous power-ups and weapons available to help you change your strategy and become a more lethal pilot. This is a much faster-paced game, so don't expect to last more than a minute or two.

    From planes to tanks, employs a simple art style based on basic shapes but has a surprisingly robust levelling system underneath. You'll roll around, blasting away at pentagons, circles, triangles, and, of course, other players' tanks in order to gain XP for levelling up. You can then choose how to improve your tank, such as increasing damage, bullet speed, health regen, and so on. You also have a variety of game modes to choose from, such as FFA and team battles, to keep you hooked for a longer period of time. Snake was once ranked alongside Tetris as one of the most recognisable and popular "simple" games available. Perhaps it lost a lot of clout because it is no longer one of only a few games you can play on your phone, but is reviving and improving on where that title left off. You already know how it will work: You guide a snake around eating pellets to grow longer, but you're not alone, as with all IO games. You have to be careful not to run into your own growing tail, but also the tails of other players. is your Pictionary substitute if you want to get away from the more stressful aspects of gaming. As in the classic game, one player will be given a word that they must convey to the other players solely through pictures they draw themselves. The concept is as solid as the board game, but the ability to jump right in and start drawing and guessing without having to gather a group and write down scores makes this version far more appealing, even though drawing with a mouse can be difficult.

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