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All Proven Method to Apply For Lightning Strike

  • With the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season beginning June 1, the most prepared families are already working to protect their homes and personal property. And when the kinds of severe thunderstorms that often accompany hurricanes strike, the risk of a power surge in the house, along with the potential for damage to the electronic devices connected within it, increases adequately.

    Lightning and earthing do not have to hit the house directly to cause significant problems with plug-in electrical equipment. A blow to or near a power line in the area can send a power surge to a home's electrical system, which can cause severe damage to the device. But alert and prepared people can take steps to protect their devices before damage occurs. Those looking to avoid losses caused by damage to electronic devices can take the following steps to keep devices safe in their homes.

    Unplug the Devices: The best way to protect electrical devices and appliances from electrical surges caused by lightning strikes is to unplug them when severe weather approaches. In this way, if a power surge caused by a lightning strike uses the home wiring system as its primary or secondary route, the device has been completely disconnected from the circuit to protect any such damages.

    Install A Power Surge Protector: Of course, lightning can strike when homeowners are away and cannot unplug their devices and appliances. By equipping their grounded electrical outlets with point-of-use plug-in electrical surge protectors, homeowners can greatly limit the voltage that reaches their plug-in devices by transferring the surge to the ground when it occurs.

    Install a Whole House Lightning Protection System: To protect the entire home from electrical surges, homeowners can have a licensed electrician install a surge protector at the service entrance, usually placed between the electrical meter outside the home and the main electrical meter service panel of the home. The house or the switch box. These can prevent an electrical surge from entering the home's internal wiring system, thereby protecting all electrical devices within the home.

    Other options for professionally installed whole-house protection include lightning rods, main conductors, lightning rods, and links, all of which can work to get her to intercept lightning, capture its energy, and direct the flow of electricity to the ground.

    Review the Homeowner's (or renter's) Insurance Policy: Even when several steps are taken to protect the home and the devices within it, it is always wise for people to have insurance on their side in the event of a disaster. But not all policies cover everything within the home, So consumers should carefully review their insurance policies to ensure that their insurance coverage is reliable.

    One more note: while it is not necessarily related to protecting devices against During a power surge if there is an extended power outage, it is best to prepare a battery-powered radio. That way, homeowners can keep abreast of weather conditions in their area and be prepared to move all family members to safety if dangerous weather conditions are imminent.

    Resources for More Severe Weather Conditions: To report a power outage: FTC customers experiencing a service outage can call 611 from any FTC phone or 888-218-5050 from your or someone's phone. And other pieces of information is available on the FTC's severe weather information page.

    Hurricane Preparedness: Those looking for helpful information on how to prepare for hurricanes can visit the FTC'S Hurricane Preparedness page at -weather

    Education Articles: More severe weather – Information about homeowners can be found in previous FTC blog posts, including 12 ways to prepare your home for severe weather and this Lightning Safety Week to ensure your home is protected.

    Lightning Safety Week: During the time of Lightning Safety Awareness Week, scheduled for June 21-27, the FTC will share a variety of helpful lightning safety information through its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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