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Personally, I'd like vanilla to remain

  • It is important to remember that not all of the modifications are in WOW TBC Gold the works and there will likely be only small changes in the first season. They push the boundaries each season, I'm certain. Perhaps this season isn't exciting enough for you. It's for me and I'm hoping for more changes to let the raiding community have a less defined meta or to make the PvP system better.

    Word, its unfortunate that activision is a goldmine. But I believe they didn't capitolize on it because one of the reasons is that) j allen brack doesnt really care about classics b) their engineers are to be embarrassed that retail is less than vanilla and they still push their unreliable systems as it could mean that their jobs are not needed. c) Bobby requires yachts to operate, therefore they don't have enough gms to monitor a living world.

    I believe that the majority of people would like classic plus. Most people believe activision has the right people and capabilities to make an old-fashioned plus. Activision isn't likely to invest millions of dollars in the classic plus. That basically means that all vanilla's products are a waste. I dont see management getting the L and admitting that they aren't sure how to make a successful MMO. If they had the wits they would have announced classic plus tomorrow and hire kevin jordan.

    Because everyone has so many issues and is seeking changes, SoM seems absurd. It is exactly the kind of discussion that led us to wow's downfall (noobs asking dualspec, removal of grinding and faster the process of leveling). We cant keep catering to those who wish to play games less than they want to, and neither can we trust activision who aren't aware of what MMO is all about. It is time to hire more developers and eliminate of Ion.

    Personally, I'd like vanilla to remain as it is and left as it is. Its arguably one of the most memorable games that has ever been made and making changes would most likely hurt the overall experience.

    They won't be doing traditional plus because retail is still an issue, if project titan had succeeded with its original ideas, warcraft could have been over a decade old and we'd be playing as wow's competitor, as that is what overwatch was essentially going to be.

    But yeah, they won't be able to do the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold "classic plus" without placing retail aside, because they are doing unique ideas for two separate mmo's is too much chaos