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This is what I do when I run with my guild

  • A new version of WoW would be amazing with an WOW TBC Gold updated engine. Imagine height being a factor when fighting or using projectiles that can actually get blocked or hit things that weren't originally their target.

    This argument is utterly absurd and ridiculous. Modern expansions come with a higher number of mounts than TBC did, and I'd argue that there's plenty of variation in style and acquisition. TBC comprised mostly of dungeon drop and Grindy dailies to build a reputation. The Nether Drakes were also a stunning design.

    The whole concept of paid consmetics in a mmo is so shaky. Classic was so essential because every cosmetic item had an achievement in the game. Rare Mounts, for instance, were an impressive item with a lot of prestige. Once you can buy them , they are irrelevant. I'm completely confused as to the reason people continue to shell out fees for mounts

    Perhaps a little less. However, there are some notable items in TBCC like stunherald and Dst, Dragonstrike al'ar, warglaives and so on. There aren't nearly as many dungeonblues, or things from the P1 that last as long as in classic.

    In later expansions, however, I consider that noteable items will disappear fast. With the exception of the maledict trinket which isn't memorable for good reasons, I can identify a few wotlk and cata items.

    For me , a 2-healing NB works, I simply pot early to get back up to close to fully mana. I also have a shadow friend sometime during 2nd ground phase, pot CD will be ready before the close of fight if I'm required to. I also have runes however, I do not use them unless SHTF.

    This is what I do when I run with my guild, and where I am able to meet my fellow members. The bangle is an excellent option for pugs. It's great for tailswiping in cases where people are slow, weaker than I am and when there are chaotic air phases.

    The Healer trinkets are quite disappointing for a P1. I still use Essence of Martyr + Rev Gem as my main choice. The one thing that does change is Gem for Eye of Gruul (or Blue Dragon on Nightbane) or Eye of Gruul (or Mag trash). There are Bangle Brooch, Warp-Scarab, and Bangle. But neither is highly effective.

    They can be replaced however you'll have to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold reach the limit of expertise as the two offset legs and the 5 legs do not possess the 22 skills. The majority of people accept that they'll be carried around for a while.