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PF2P-Earns money slower, the most efficient method

  • It's easy to forget that people will always try to minimize the RS gold accomplishments of others with the use of terms like 'nolifers', or 'nerds'. This is a fascinating issue because it requires more effort to reach the same goal as a member than it does for a free player, unless there is an unfair comparison.

    There is an argument that members earn more money from skills that generate money (such as cooking or firemaking) as opposed to spending time making money. This is called "Members earn more money and use less time" (assuming that money isn't equivalent to the amount of time). This can get complicated due to many factors. So I'll list all the points each side has.

    The money earned through P2P is typically quicker. They have green drags, slayer abilities and have greater merchandising opportunities, that gives them an edge over pf2ps. Has faster training methods avaliable to players. Big bones are better buried than gilded altars. You will be able to achieve a 99 on the abilities that are more dependent on money than other skills.

    PF2P-Earns money slower, the most efficient method (short of merching) is likely to be to mine rune rocks which are pretty dangerous and slow as is chopping things (be it cockroaches or yews soldiers). On an hourly basis, a person who is PF2P will earn less when they employ the most efficient money-making strategies as compared to the P2P.

    The majority of the time, there are slower training methods avaliable. Certain members train at f2p locations, such as SoS Red spiders (or Cockroach Soldiers), which reduces their speed, but puts them at the same level as pf2ps. The people who are close to 99 are more likely to go for members rather than free players. This lets them increase their experience and decrease their speed.

    Since all variants are the same, it is reasonable to assume that a pf2p will receive 99 points at a lower rate than a member. However, it would be unfair to have the abilities be compared. While a ranger might be able attain an IQ of 99 times faster than someone who trains in mining, he won't have the same advantage in mining training. He would also have to buy OSRS gold compete with other players to get ore rocks.