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Being a wild-type tank, I'm usually between 400

  • Yeah my point is you have more control in your group comp and WOW TBC Gold the ability to obtain things you desire by tanking. Even if you do dps during raids or any other event. My primary position is a lock and, yes, I can handle 1500 DPS. My other ret pally also has 800+ dps against trash , and 1k+ for bosses. I have all my ret gear on my pally through healing and tanking when I needed it and then was able to get equipment for dps by running with more geared classes who could compete with me, or just excluding them from the competition.

    Are you talking about heroics or raids? If that guy was talking about rogues making benefit from CC and helping out with off-healing then he's probably talking about heroics. This is the case because the average DPS is lower with no consumables or buffs to raids.

    The whole thing is dependent on heroics. Larger locks seed packs can push more dps. I'm still able to do 1500 on bosses using only one target on my lock, as long as my tank is able to withstand threat.

    Yes, if you have a tank that is well-equipped and an lock that has large pulls, then every member of your group could be an effective carry for bosses except you. Hunters will be smoked, as are Mages, too, unless they're low in health, and the mage has the ability to snipe them before seeds go off.

    Although 500 dps seems a bit low for a single boss, they must still be at or above 1k if given the same conditions (fast kill time, best buffs) in the event that they own any equipment.

    Being a wild-type tank, I'm usually between 400 and 500 DPS. Wearing the dorky level 40 hat, you'll have a more powerful cat appearance. If not, and the other person said is true, and you should take a tank.

    Feral tank is able to use the item rack and swap to DPS in a matter of minutes, and the difference in talent between the tank and best DPS cat is about one or two points. It's not necessary to concentrate on the wild DPS.

    There's more value. Personally, I am at peace and would not be concerned if you had 500-600 DPS when I was in the same group. Just pointing out the big disadvantage of not also tanking.

    Part of my problem is that I'm not able to play my full turn on cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold some mobs because the hunter/mage/lock is taking everything out. .... Raids have a much higher overall DPS - not nearly as high as pure DPS, but less than dungeons.