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Where to find New World Petalcaps for Corruption Tinctures?

  • Besides the more familiar flora, the forests and fields of New World are full of fascinating ingredients that can add to the potions, elixirs and tinctures that players are making. One such glowing fungus is Fronded Petalcap, which provides the key ingredients used in many kinds of potions. Like other plants that players can harvest, to collect resources from Petalcaps, they at least need to equip their character with a flint sickle and some New World Coins.

    Players can find Fronded Petalcap in any forest area throughout New World. However, its generation frequency is much lower than other common nodes such as shrubs or cannabis. They can definitely find petal caps in a few historic areas, and once players know what to look for, they can more easily find further places. Just west of Windsward Village, there is a small pond where they can learn to fish. But if players only need a small amount of potion, the petal cap seems to lay Amazon New World Coins on the east side.

    If players want to grind more things for a larger crafting carnival, then they can find many Fronded Petalcap nodes in the forest area around Cooper’s Ranch. In the northwestern part of Windsward Village, if they go around the pasture, they will see many petal cap plants for harvest. If players don’t want to spend their resources on a new camp, there are usually resources made by other players outside of any New World Coins they can use.

    However, while collecting Petalcaps, players may also encounter some terrifying monsters. If their strength is difficult to resist, and they can’t run, then they can only watch the character die. Therefore, they need to buy more New World Coins to enhance the overall attributes of the character in order to cope well in any situation.