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What is Impaler Tree in New World?

  • Most of the power of this weapon in New World comes from Impaler Tree. Just like clearing from the Zoner tree, the capabilities on the Impaler Tree are very good. These abilities are Perforate, Skewer, and Vault Kick. Perforate can provide rapid burst damage through fast hits and fast animations, and Rend can also apply. Skewer is a powerful blow, it can also cause bleeding, causing damage. Vault Kick is a good gap and can also double as a stun. And if players use New World Coins to get these weapons, they will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

    Outside of this tree, all skills have their uses. For PvE or PvP, they usually want to use Vault Kick and Perforate or Skewer and Sweep from Zoner Tree. This leads to flexible skill settings suitable for any scenario. The ultimate skill of this tree, Exploited Weakness, is very easy to use in PvE. However, in PvP, it may depend on some Cheap New World Coins of additional weapons, although its skills are Bleeds, Knockdown, Rend, Slow and Stun.

    Hatchet is one of a pair of melees with remote options. We dedicate half of its tree to this scope component, the Throwing Tree. The other half focused on ruthless and powerful attacks called the Berserker Tree. It is a splendid weapon for PvE and PvP. However, its biggest disadvantage is that most of its energy is in the primary cooling. This makes it boring as a weapon, because many other people have many useful New World Coins

    Like a sword and a shield, it is primarily proportional to strength, while agility is a secondary attribute. Since it uses the same primary attribute for scaling, it is usually used with swords and shields to provide additional duration and damage to the already powerful tank construction. The secondary zoom means it can also be used with tools such as bows, muskets, and spears.

    New World will be available on September 28. If players want to know more, they can buy some New World Coins at IGGM without thinking about it.