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How do New World players master weapons step by step?

  • Amazon New World operates under a classless system, so the weapons they choose to use purely defined players’ class and build. They can use two weapons, and there are options available, with many combinations of weapons and skills. Now, players should understand the advantages and disadvantages of various weapons so that players can match and use them well. And New World Coins or gold is exactly what players need to get weapons.

    The melee weapons in New World are very complicated. Players have everything from fast one-handed weapons to slow two-handed weapons. They can use these for DPS, but only a few can tank, and do not rely on evasion. One-handed weapons are often a stronger DPS choice, but two-handed weapon provides considerable impact, but the shot speed is slower. Two-handed weapons also provide a lot of crowd control and New World Coins, which most one-handed melees lack.

    Swords and shields will become the first weapons used by New World players, with a balanced offense and defense. Focusing on swordsmanship makes players a very capable melee DPS. At the same time, focusing on the shield allows players to become defensive champions. For early upgrades, it mainly used the skills in the Juggernaut Tree the farthest. They can use Whirling Blade with any upgrade you are interested in for additional damage and AoE, and then move to the defender’s side for Shield Bash and Shield Rush.

    The sword and shield measure its damage by strength and agility, so these are the statistics you want to focus on most. Strength is the key attribute of this weapon. It will expand its damage faster than agility. They usually paired it with an axe used in tank settings, but it is flexible enough to be paired with almost any weapon. Although for magic weapons, it needs a gem to cause considerable damage.

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