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What is New World Gold?

  • New World is a high-grade metal, high-value but rare. We can find it in all regions of the New World. It is mainly used to make various amulets and rings at Level 3 equipment stations. If players want to mine Gold Ore, players need to reach a mining level of 45.

    Similar to the iron and silver mines in New World, gold is mainly in rocky mountains, caves and dungeons. After grinding to an appropriate mining level, players can grow this valuable metal from specific locations distributed in various regions.

    The best places to grow gold in the New World are in Cutlass Keys, Reekwater and Great Cleave. Some of these locations have high-level enemies, players should make sure they are ready to fight or escape as needed. The more gold that can mine in an area, the more dangerous the nearby monsters or beasts.

    It also puts forward high demands on the players’ own strength. If their own characters are not powerful enough, or the weapons or items equipped are not practical enough, it is difficult to defeat monsters and successfully mine New World Gold. Therefore, they must seek out people or New World Coins that can help them strengthen.

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