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Xinyu Enameled CCA Wire: Applications and Features

  • Enameled CCA wire is a new Enameled Wire taking copper clad aluminum as inner conductor material, with characteristics between copper and aluminum. It combines excellent conductivity of copper and light weight of aluminum and covered with insulating material(such as UE, PE,EI,AI) in high temperature oven.Enameled CCA wire has the characteristic of high break down voltage and high strength.

    Application range of copper clad aluminum enameled wire:

    1. Used to make windings that require lightweight, high relative conductivity, and good heat dissipation, especially windings that transmit high-frequency signals.
    2. High-frequency transformers, ordinary transformers, inductance coils, motors, household motors, and micro-motor enameled wires.
    3. The rotor coil of the micro motor adopts enameled wire.
    4. Special magnet wire for audio coil and optical drive.
    5. Magnet wire used for the deflection coil of the display.
    6. Electromagnetic wire for degaussing coil.
    7. Magnet wire used for internal coils of mobile phones and driving parts of watches.
    8. Other special electromagnetic wires.

    Feature of xinyu copper clad aluminum enameled wire:

    1.Compared to copper conductors,Higher Flexibility due to lower elastic modulus.

    2.63% material weight reduction due to lower specific gravity of CCA over regular copper.

    3.Compared to aluminum conductors,Better corrosion resistance than aluminum due to copper layer.

    4.Lower resistance due to high electric conductivity of copper.

    5.Better Solderability.

    6.Higher strength than aluminum

    ECCA Wire is widely used in different electrical applications requiring the conductivity of copper while retaining much of the weight advantages of aluminum, If you have any need, welcome to visit XINYU is a leading manufacturer and supplier enameled wire.