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Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Suitable Lifting Column

  • We have compiled the guides that users need to purchase the suitable lifting table, and you can measure the performance of Electric Lifting Column through the outstanding points listed below.


    Speed of a lifting column and how quickly a platform attached to it can be raised or lowered has an immense impact on the productivity of the user. This is the reason many lifting columns that are used in a medical setting such as x-ray machines, patient examination, and operating tables require an optimally quick speed. The same is true for a lifting platform used for an adjustable height desk. This can vary anywhere from about 10 mm/second to about 25 or 30 mm/second.


    The electric tables have a flaw in that because of their lifting, and they are limited in how much load they can carry at a time.

    This particular phenomenon creates a parameter for the selection of lifting columns. With the average desk having a lifting capacity ranging from 50KG to 150KG.

    Low noise

    Upon the transverse movement of the lifting column, whether in a seating or standing position, the height is adjusted by the hand control box. A clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation of the motor of the hand control directly affects the user’s mood personal space of the people nearby.

    Therefore, the noise required for the lifting column is small. Currently, the noise generally recognized in the industry is less than 50dB.


    In the case of obstruction along the path of the lifting column, the column is expected to be able to sense such an obstacle and take necessary precautions to protect itself.

    The absence of this will lead to an overheating of the motor, which can lead to a total breakdown of the lifting column.

    This is to mean that stagnant movement of the lifting column will resort to an increase which will damage the motor. Hence, smart lifting column systems must be designed with safety in mind


    In all things being the same in an application like a standing desk rectangular tube lifting platform provide the best overall stability. This is because the ratio of the long-side to short-side of the rectangle can be tuned to optimize both inherent instabilities (longitudinal and latitudinal) as opposed to treating them equally.


    The constantly evolving world of technologies puts the lifting column under pressure, always expecting to be modified to match up with its contemporaries.

    Sectors like network technology, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge industries have seen a massive surge in recent years.

    Hence, it is a trend that is likely to continue in the coming years. As such, it is widely expected that the lifting columns join in on the technological widespread innovative network.

    However, It’s safe to say that from a user’s standpoint, the expectation remains a system with reasonable load-bearing capacity, low noise, and good speed.

    The ideal product, however, reckons with a minimum safety range, system stability, and smartness. All of these factors, coupled with the area of application, make up the complete parameters for your lifting column.

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